October 4th, 2016

Shirts For Sale

I’ve been gratified to see this blog’s readership grow to the extent that it has over the past several months. This is a pretty niche idea. I was honestly not sure how well it would do, and the analytics are outperforming my expectations. However, the upkeep expenses are meaningful for a student, and I want to make this more interesting with things like guest posts. To that end, I’m selling this design on a shirt:

The shirt has the words ‘Celebrate Autistic Voices’ written in large, burgundy letters on the front. The images of a woman typing, a man contemplating the night sky, and a child listening to music or protecting her ears with headphones are superimposed on some letters of the word 'Voices.’

If you like what you’ve read so far and want more and better, you can buy the shirt here.

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