Autistic Future
October 19th, 2016

Dear Trump Make America Great Again Committee


The Make Amer­i­ca Great Again Com­mit­tee mailed a let­ter to an Autis­tic adult’s home. The recip­i­ent respond­ed with this open letter:

In reply to your recent form letter, this is to inform you that I do not intend to contribute to the current Republican presidential candidate and do not intend to vote for him.

As a per­son ful­ly capa­ble of mak­ing up their own mind about this elec­tion, I share much of the electorate’s dis­gust with his insult­ing and incen­di­ary com­ments about women, Mex­i­cans, Mus­lims, and so on; I don’t need to repeat them here yet again. As an autis­tic per­son, I watched in dis­may as the can­di­date stat­ed the long dis­cred­it­ed notion dur­ing a debate that vac­ci­na­tions have any­thing at all to do with a person’s chances of being autis­tic. This sin­gle event will cer­tain­ly push par­ents who are already bad­ly mis­in­formed about autism to refuse vac­ci­na­tions for their chil­dren. Will the Repub­li­can par­ty be will­ing to take its share of the blame the next time a dis­ease pre­vi­ous­ly thought to have been near­ly erad­i­cat­ed sud­den­ly breaks out? Giv­ing dan­ger­ous pseu­do­science a stage is not an action that a par­ty wor­thy of influ­ence in our gov­ern­ment would take.

The Repub­li­can par­ty of 2016 seems to have com­plete­ly aban­doned any idea that dis­abled peo­ple are wor­thy of respect. In addi­tion to the above exam­ple, you are sure­ly famil­iar with your can­di­date’s mock­ing the appear­ance of Serge Kovales­ki, a dis­abled news­pa­per reporter, while giv­ing a speech on a com­plete­ly unre­lat­ed subject.

The can­di­date does not seem to be as inclined to stig­ma­tize and spread mis­in­for­ma­tion about dis­abled peo­ple as much as some oth­er groups. How­ev­er, that rais­es the ques­tion why he would do it at all. Does he think that the above inci­dents raised his stature among dis­abled vot­ers? Does the Repub­li­can par­ty think it has? Does the par­ty think that mak­ing dis­abil­i­ty a con­tro­ver­sial par­ti­san issue will serve some­body? What exact­ly is in it for the par­ty? Why alien­ate such vast swaths of the country?

Hope­ful­ly, you now under­stand why I am deny­ing your request for a cam­paign con­tri­bu­tion. If you have any desire to be a rea­son­able choice for a dis­abled Amer­i­can, your first step is to wash your hands of the cur­rent can­di­date on Novem­ber 9. Next, lis­ten to those who live with dis­abil­i­ties and build poli­cies that help them. Or at least don’t active­ly under­mine them. Employ­ment, health­care, and men­tal health are all good start­ing points for this. Don’t even both­er with try­ing to pre­vent or cure autism; at best you’ll only make your­self look more ridiculous.

I wish you the best in rebuild­ing your cred­i­bil­i­ty among dis­abled Amer­i­cans in the com­ing years.
(An Autis­tic Amer­i­can Who Is Won­der­ing How They End­ed Up On Your Mail­ing List)

P.S. Even if I was still inclined to give you mon­ey, I most def­i­nite­ly would not give you per­mis­sion to per­pet­u­al­ly send me text spam.

The person writing under the name AAAWIWHTEUOYML is an Atlanta-based Autistic adult and an ardent advocate for reasonable public health measures such as vaccines.