Autistic Future
November 28th, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Autis­tic peo­ple aren’t fun­da­men­tal­ly dif­fer­ent enough from the rest of human­i­ty to jus­ti­fy the gift guides specif­i­cal­ly for Autis­tic chil­dren that always cir­cu­late around this time of year. This isn’t that kind of gift guide. Instead, it’s designed to help you shop for the active, Neu­ro­di­ver­si­ty-mind­ed peo­ple on your list. Almost all links in this post are affil­i­ate links, and your clicks and pur­chas­es are appre­ci­at­ed. They help this blog pay its bills and will bring you more posts in 2017.

Small Gifts

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Do you need to buy stocking stuffers or inexpensive tokens for coworkers or acquaintances? There are options beyond gift cards, alcohol, and food.
Fidget toys are always a thoughtful gift, and they’re a great addition to gift baskets.

Your Autistic friend or coworker who never sleeps could always use more coffee mugs. This one is particularly fun:


Fill a mug with fid­get toys and cof­fee, tea, or hol­i­day treats for a larg­er gift:



To Read

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2016 hasn’t been the kind of remarkable year in books on neurodivergent people that 2015 was, but we did get a new apocalypse novel with an Autistic protagonist:

Some of the great nonfiction published in previous years would also make good gifts:





To Use

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This elegant solution can help anyone keep up with keys, even those of us who struggle with misplacing things. It comes in several colors:

The blog­gers and social media peo­ple in your life prob­a­bly have a lot of cables. Give the gift of a 2017 with­out untan­gling with this pack of mag­net­ic cable ties:

Blogs run on caf­feine, elec­tric­i­ty, and WiFi. If you sup­port the work of a blog­ger in your life, give the gift of a bot­tom­less pow­er sup­ply that will feed small devices even where there isn’t an outlet:

This afford­able but well-reviewed pair of noise-can­cel­ing head­phones would please music lovers and peo­ple with sen­so­ry issues:

Think beyond tangible items, too. Blogging is at the heart of Autistic culture and the Neurodiversity movement. You may have people in your life whose blogs are very important to them, and we live in uncertain times. If there were ever a moment to consider the security of one’s blog’s future, it is now. If a blogger you know relies on a free service, their work could be destroyed in an instant by an uncaring middle manager at a vast corporation. The only real security is owning a piece of the internet oneself. If you know of someone on your shopping list getting ready to make the leap to more control, peace of mind would be a lovely gift. This site’s host, SiteGround, has been reasonably priced and very reliable. The autism or Neurodiversity blogger in your life might benefit from some blog beautification. Fiverr can be a good place to get things like logo designweb design, and site building.

To Wear

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Manufacturers are recognizing that chewable jewelry isn’t just for children. A variety of elegant styles are now available, and you can purchase most of them in different consistencies.

Be sure you also check out this gift list from Words I Wheel By and sup­port dis­abled-owned busi­ness­es with your shop­ping (not an affil­i­ate link). Thank you, and hap­py holidays.