My name is Larkin Taylor-Parker. I run this blog, study law at the University of Georgia, engage in a lot of extra-curricular advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities, try to stay connected to the Autistic community, and play the tuba at the slightest provocation.


a picture of Larkin outside of a local pub, Athens, GA, late summer 2016


I think a lot about equal access to the legal system, poverty in America, disability rights, building a strong Autistic community, how to be the kind of disabled young professional who will make things easier for people who come after, building a better, more civilized internet, and tubas.

I hope to practice disability rights law and have the same mailing address for twelve consecutive months in the near future. This blog is about my quest for those two things, my hopes for Autistics and other disabled people, and goings on in the disability community. I am open to guest blogging, advertising, and product review opportunities for products and publications that are genuinely worthwhile. If you are interested in knowing what other social media profiles I do or have helped manage, that information is available upon request. I can write on the issues I know in voices other than the one displayed here.

If you find any feature of this blog inaccessible, please contact me and tell me about the problem. I believe the internet is for everyone. I designed and built this site myself, and I intend it to be fully accessible. If I have fallen short of that goal, let me know, and I will fix it as soon as I can. Many thanks to the League of Movable Type for the fonts you see here.