Autistic Future


My name is Larkin Tay­lor-Park­er. I was born in Chica­go, grew up in North Car­oli­na, and spent my ear­ly adult­hood in Geor­gia. I’ve also lived in Texas and Wash­ing­ton, D.C. I’m now back in North Car­oli­na, where I prac­tice law. I love music, cars, old books, and DIY projects. My think­ing is espe­cial­ly influ­enced by my expe­ri­ences in the Neu­ro­di­ver­si­ty Move­ment, Chris­t­ian faith, legal train­ing, fam­i­ly his­to­ry, and the places I’m from. 

I’ve been a neu­ro­di­ver­si­ty blog­ger since 2011. As long as I have some­thing to say about where neu­ro­di­ver­si­ty, dis­abil­i­ty rights, and dis­abil­i­ty jus­tice should be going, this blog will be active. If Autis­tic Future adds val­ue to your life, please con­sid­er help­ing out with the rough­ly $150 per year cost of keep­ing it online. Any extra funds received will pay for cups of cof­fee so I can write away from the dis­trac­tion of my trou­ble­some dog. 

Autis­tic Future con­tains my own opin­ions, which should­n’t be held against my employ­er, clients, col­leagues, friends, band­mates, class­mates, or rel­a­tives. If you have some­thing to say about what you see here, good or bad, or want to ask for help or per­mis­sion to repub­lish some­thing, the most reli­able ways to reach me are and (919) 801‑7926.